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Join Crayola Imagine Arts Academy for a four class series on upcycled art projects! Your junior artist will have a great time making treasures out of trash.

8/6 Crafty Can Pencil Holder and DIY Stickers - recycled can, coloring book page, markers, glue, paint brush, wax paper, packing tape
8/13 Paper Lunch Bag Stars - paper lunch bags (8), scissors, glue stick, markers, hole punch, ribbon, Optional: paint
8/20 Cereal Box Picture Frame - empty cereal or cracker box, newspaper, construction paper, straw, scissors, glue, markers, Optional: paint
8/27 Upcycled Unicorns - paper towel or toliet paper tube, yarn, construction paper, scissors, glue, scotch tape, markers, Optional: paint, glitter glue
Audience: Kids

Upcoming Session

August 13, 6 PM EDT
For Kids · 30 mins

110 of 300 spots reserved

Meet Our Instructor

Artist Andrea
Crayola Imagine Arts Academy is a unique approach to art education that goes beyond concepts and techniques to broaden your child's' understanding of the world. We strive to sharpen their critical thinking skills by focusing on art as a problem-solving tool, as a career path, as a way to understand different places and cultures, and more.

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