Breath & Body: Yoga

Adults · Wellness
This class is great for all levels and will provide you with practices to improve physical and mental health, manage stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate a relationship with your own consciousness using movement techniques, breath work, and meditation from Kundalini & Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi. The fusion of disciplines makes the exercises accessible to all and relaxing!

Level: All levels/Beginner

What You'll Need (5): Towel, mat, stop watch, lightly weighted book/magazine/cushion that you can balance on your head, as well as a small ball.

Tip: We recommend having the room cool.
Audience: Adults

Upcoming Session

February 25, 5 PM EST
For Adults · 45 mins

75 of 150 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Liam Pfeiffer
Liam is an experienced yoga teacher, who specializes in working with the youth of New York City. He studies with world renowned teachers Nevine Michaan, Hari Kaur & Krishna Kaur. He primarily runs yoga workouts for youth in detention facilities and adults on Riker’s Island for the Department of Corrections. Off the yoga mat, Liam is a head basketball coach within the youth non-profit Steady Buckets, where he developed the yoga and meditation program and actively weaves eastern techniques of breath and body into the game of basketball to share natural healing modalities and empowerment practices with children.
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