Mad Science - Jelly Volcanoes

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Join Mad Science building catapults, exploring static electricity and learning about acid and base reactions! Junior Mad Scientists will have a great time following along at home with the experiments at home.

February Science Projects & Supplies:

2/4 Sonic Banger Supplies: Metal Spoon, Scissors, String

2/11 Clean Pennies Supplies: Cotton Swab, Ketchup, Pennies

2/18 Cave Crystals Supplies: Baking Soda, Food Coloring, 2 Drinking Glasses, Small Plate, Spoon, Warm Water, Yarn Optional Supply: Tray

2/25 Jelly Volcanoes Supplies: Baking Soda, Drinking Glass, Jello Powder, Plate, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Vinegar

January Science Projects & Supplies:

1/7 Snowman Surprise: Supplies: Baking Soda, Plastic Sandwich Bag, Toilet Paper Square, Permanent Marker, Teaspoon, Measuring Cup, Vinegar

1/14 Freeze Fishing & Skaters Edge: Supplies: Ice Cubes, 2 Paper Clips, Plate, 2 Rubber Bands, Salt, Small Cup, String

1/21 Paper Frost & Ice Tunnels: Supplies: Adult Helper, Black Construction Paper, Epsom Salts, Food Coloring, Ice Cubes, Kettle, Large Bowl, Paintbrush or Cotton Swab, Spoon, Table Salt, Tray, Water

1/28 Fake Snow: Supplies: Hair Conditioner, Baking Soda

December Science Projects & Supplies:

12/3 Balloon Hovercraft: Balloon, Blank CD or DVD, Sports bottle cap (push-pull style), Scissors, Tape
12/10 Density with Colorful Creamy Soda & Salt Lava Lamp: Food Coloring, 2 Tall Clear Drinking Glasses, Lemon Lime Soda, Salt, Straw, Vegetable Oil, Water, Whipped Cream
12/17 Cabbage Colors: Napa Cabbage or Celery Stalks, Food Coloring, Clear Drinking Glasses, Scissors, Spoon, Water
Audience: Kids

Upcoming Session

February 25, 8 PM EST
For Kids · 30 mins

73 of 150 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Mad Andrea
Mad science is the leading science enrichment provider for children in pre-kindergarten through grade 5. Using an inquiry-based learning approach, children are doing things like chemistry, physics, and rocket engineering just to name a few. The best part is that they are having a blast! That’s what learning about science and technology with Mad Science is all about. Mad Science encourages children to explore and discover all the exciting possibilities in the world around them with interesting and age-appropriate hands-on science activities.