ENT1TY Classic Tabata

Adults · Wellness
ENT1TY is a classic Tabata session, but this won't be the traditional cardio class you imagine! Each UN1T member that takes part will experience our twist on a classic. Quick cardio movements with an ab blast between each round!

What to expect:
- Quick cardio circuit
- High heart rate
- Very engaging workout

UN1T is the World's premier boutique group Strength and Conditioning fitness concept. Perks at Work have teamed up with UN1T to run a series of exclusive live fitness classes, from their elite studio in London. Un1T believe that people work harder as a team, and that anyone can achieve greatness when consistently pushed passed their comfort zone. They have taken the same systems and protocols that elite athletes use to get into peak condition and have brought this to the public in an adaptable and highly structured system.
Audience: Adults
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Upcoming Session

January 14, 1 PM EST
For Adults · 45 mins

260 of 300 spots reserved

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Exclusive for Perks at Work Members

Meet Our Instructors

Georgia Robson
Head trainer at UN1T. I have been with the brand since its creation in 2017 and have seen the company grow into an incredible business. We bring people together through fitness, creating communities that thrive on working hard and allowing members to be their best selves in and out of our studios. I have worked in some capacity with every one of our global franchises, relocating to the Middle East to establish and open UN1T Kuwait and have certainly grown as a trainer in my time with the brand.

I love pushing our members in the studio to achieve things they didn’t think were possible and I try and push myself just as hard in my own training!
Gary Williams
Head Trainer and Studio Manager at UN1T London Bridge. I have been with UN1T since day one and absolutely love the ethos and what UN1T stands for. People of all fitness abilities, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones with their fellow members! I have been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years so have picked up plenty of knowledge along the way which all goes into making UN1T classes the best there is!
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