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Craft sessions bring our Craft Studio Magic into your home using basic art materials! Whether focusing on art inspired by the beauties of the nature and the seasons changing, or celebrating holidays and life through the infinite kids’ imagination, everyone gets to create something unique that can be showcased or gifted to whomever they like. Each class has a different theme and materials and ends with a virtual dance party! This week's materials are: qTip; crayons/markers; watercolors; paintbrush; cup of water; paper towel; white crayon; scissors; glue. General Supplies (you don't have to have them all and you can also substitute any of them with what you have): Glue (stick glue works as well), Plate for mixing, Fork, Watercolor or washable paints, Paint brush, Cup of water and napkin, Scissors, Crayons or markers, Construction paper, White paper, Play-dough or clay, Shaving cream.
Audience: Kids
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October 14, 4 PM EDT
For Kids · 30 mins

6 of 50 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Craft Studio
Craft Studio’s mission is to provide a fun, safe, and welcoming environment where kids and adults alike are free to be creative! They put their heart and soul into making sure each participant has a unique, individualized, and magical experience. Our traditional hard working business values paired with the warmness of our great staff make every interaction a memorable one. They also strive to help our community thrive by supporting local businesses, causes, and organizations. The Craft Studio is more than a business; it is a place of positivity, fun, and happiness.