CrossFit Express in-person: 20 minute CrossFit WOD

Adults · Wellness
Short on time? Need to get a last minute workout in during the day? Need an extra boost of energy?! Then CrossFit Express is for you! This is a universally modifiable, 20 minute class that combines full-body functional movements that will give you a great workout on a time budget! CrossFit is all about "constantly varied", so each workout is different, so you're never doing the same thing! If you've done CrossFit at Home, you will love this!
Audience: Adults
New York | Boston | London
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Upcoming Session

January 20, 10 AM EST
For Adults · 20 mins

8 of 40 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Mike Collette
After graduating with his degree in Exercise Science, Mike worked as a personal trainer, empowering clients and building lifelong relationships. He found CrossFit in 2010 which led him to open Prototype Training Systems (home of CrossFit Prototype) in 2012. His passion for fitness and helping others is equal to his passion for being an entrepreneur. Since 2012, Mike has been involved in multiple business ventures ranging from various industries. His values–driven mentality, growth mindset, and obsession with leadership have kept him feeling energized every day to fulfill the vision of Prototype: To build the greatest relationship business ever. Outside of Prototype, Mike likes to golf with his wife Erin and cuddle with their Siberian Husky puppy, Koda.

Favorite Quote: “Hard work always beats talent when talent refuses to work hard"