305 Fitness Dance Workout

Adults · Wellness
305 Fitness is more than a 45 min HIIT dance workout - it is an outlet for you to release your inhibitions and have fun while building strength and confidence. Expect a killer dance cardio party that combines dance moves, sports drills, and high intensity interval training, all set to an original dj mix that will keep you moving. Join the 305 movement where we move to our own beat, and every body is celebrated.
Audience: Kids and Adults

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October 22, 7 PM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

51 of 300 spots reserved

Meet Our Instructor

Julien Valme
Born and raised in Miami, Julien Valme is a professional performer in New York City. During the off season, he can be found at 305 Fitness, the fitness studio taking the world by storm with the hottest dance moves and entertaining HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) influences. Using his dance training, he incorporates rhythmic conditioning exercises designed to get the body moving and the spirit jumping! He is high energy, fun loving but plays no games. His goal is to allow each individual to work as hard as they possibly can while constantly reinforcing a carefree attitude. His mantra, “Mind, Booty, Soul” or in other words put the work in, have fun, and let everything else flow!

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