Classical Pilates Mat Class

5-Star Only · Adults · Wellness
In today's class, Kaitlin uses the foam roller and Pilates ball (overball) to stimulate deeper connection to the abdominals, back extensors and hip rotation. The foam roller helps build balance and stability, releases tension and can aid in addressing muscular imbalances that otherwise may not be as easy to see or feel on the Mat. A short section at the end is added for 'massage' and releasing tension from the IT band, neck and erector spinae. The overball will challenge the powerhouse and get you deeper into the work!
Audience: Adults
Props: Foam roller
Overball (6-9inch inflatable ball) make sure ball is not filled all the way, there needs to be some give to the ball.. we will review at beginning of class!

Upcoming Session

June 17, 3 PM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

9 of 40 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Kaitlin Cotarelo
I started my journey with movement at a very ripe age of 3 years old. Dancing was my life and was lucky enough to Train with American Ballet Theater and Joffrey ballet for 7 years growing up. I competed and ranked nationally/internationally. All the rigorous moves that dance required of me left my body in pain. Dance led me to the Pilates method of mindful movement. This method pushed me to take control of my body and not be at its mercy. Pilates taught me that with patience and perseverance anything is possible! I have been teaching for 6+ years and was certified through Equinox Teacher Training Institute. Along with teaching clients both on the mat and apparatus I am also a Teacher Trainer which allows me to teach/certify future instructors! I also have had the pleasure of training our Nextjump New York team for 4+years!