Intermediate Karate

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The KWK COA Intermediate class is our advanced beginner program for students who have been in the COA All level/Beginner karate class for at least 12 months. In this class students elevate their basic skill level as they begin to learn kata (forms), blocks (uke), new kicks (geri) & new stances (dachi). They begin to practice sparring drills and techniques appropriate for their age and training level. Class is designed to increase focus, and develop self-discipline, confidence, cooperation and cognitive skills in a responsible and cooperative online community.
Audience: Kids

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March 23, 6 PM EDT
For Kids · 45 mins

7 of 30 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Sensei Zelda Gay
3rd Degree Black Belt at Karate-do Ken Wa Kan and began training in Full Contact Karate at World Oyama Karate Headquarters in 1997 at the age of five. She obtained her Black Belt in 2006 under the guidance and direction of her mother, Shihan Michelle Gay. Karate-Do Ken Wa Kan is a family owned and run business and Karate is a lifelong family love affair!

Though she took a hiatus during high school, she returned to training and teaching during her summers home from Emerson College where she studied Acting & Fight Choreography. After graduating, Sensei Zelda returned to rigorously developing herself as a Martial Artist. Since 2010, she has become a competitive Knockdown Fighter & International Karate competitor. She earned the title of Sensei when her first students became Black Belts in 2019. When not teaching at Ken Wa Kan, she works as the C.E.O of Self Offense, a company she owns with Shihan Michelle that is working to end sexual assault and harassment in the world.