305 Fitness Dance Cardio

Adults · Wellness
Get ready for a fun dance party! 305 Fitness is a non-stop cardio class featuring sports drills, conditioning exercises, and high intensity interval training. About halfway through each class, the instructor will lead a sculpting section. Get ready to let your silly out!
Audience: Adults

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August 6, 11 AM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

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Meet Our Instructors

Inger Cooper
Hey party people! Inger is here coming at you HOT with 45 minutes of 305 Fitness Dance Cardio. Known as the "goofy go-getter" you'll find yourself caught between being out of breath from dancing and from LOL'ing the whole time. She can be a chatty cathy (cheering people on is her most favorite) and may drop a dad joke or two during class, but don't be fooled, her class is also an incredible, high-intensity challenge week to week!
Jenn Hicks
Leading us in the class, meet 305 Fitness master instructor, Jenn Hicks! Jenn had tried every fitness fad around but got hooked on 305 in its early stages because of the empowerment and joy it brings every person in the room. A Kentucky native, in her class you can expect a whole lotta energy and a whole lotta “y’alls”! Check her out on Instagram here. See y’all Thursday!

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