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Henry Wu
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This course is for students who have learned Chinese for more than 1 year but less than 3 years.  The emphasis in this course will be on building up students’ communicative competence in oral and aural skills. Reading and writing will be minimally introduced. Students will be able to communicate verbally in Chinese language within given situation. Therefore, the lessons focus on variety of topics that relates students' lives.

Supplies: A pencil and a notebook

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Audience : Ages 5-11

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Jing Wei

Jing Wei, Head Teacher of the Little NxJumpers Program, started her career teaching English to Grades K-5 in 2008 in China. She moved to New York City and received her Master's Degree in Adolescent Education at Hunter College of CUNY. In 2014, she started to teach Chinese to Grades 7-12.

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