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Come celebrate the near end of the week with the COA community. Gratitude at the end of the week has been shown to improve mindset and help us gain perspective. Within a team, a gratitude ritual also builds connectedness with each other, and gives the opportunity for the team to push harder during the week knowing there is a recovery period to appreciate each other. Based on Next Jump’s 15 year Friday Coronitas tradition, this COA session will be an experiential session.

Each week we’ll have four sections:
Buzz – Notables from the day or week
Coronitas—Who helped you succeed?
Game—Some fun!
Social Discussion

We encourage you to join with your whole family, kids of all ages welcome!

For more information about how our gratitude session works and tips on creating your OWN gratitude session Read More

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Audience : Kids & Adults

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Greg Kunkel

Greg Kunkel joined Next Jump in May 1998 as a Co-Founder of the organization. He has held a variety of roles during his tenure. He is responsible for developing Next Jump's relationships with human resources departments and co-leads product development for HR services

Rachel McClain

Rachel is a senior leader on our EPP team, working with corporate clients of Perks at Work. NxJumper since 2008.

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