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Monika Wuhrer
Monika Wuhrer
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Take a trip back in time to explore a world without technology. How different was life without the simple machines we take for granted like the wheel-and-axel and the screw? In Inventor’s Lab I: Simple Machines, kids learn the history and mechanics of the six simple machines (inclined plane, wedge, lever, wheel-and-axle, screw, pulley). Through tinkering and material exploration, kids will learn the creative and real-life application of the simple machines, opening up endless opportunities for inventive thinking and building. Past classes have constructed bike generators, paper airplane ballistas, mini vending machines and arcade games among many other creative projects.

Audience: Grades 4+

Equipment: Tape, Scissors, Recyclables (Cardboard, plastic containers, plastic bottles, paper rolls, string…. anything clean you can find in the recycle bin!) Not necessary, but optional: hot glue gun and glue sticks, popsicle sticks, chopsticks.

Download: Inventors lab – elevator

Upcoming Session

KIDS TrackWhen: April 30, 4PM EDT (9PM BST) Duration: 30 minutes

277 of 600 spots reserved

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Monika Wuhrer
Monika Wuhrer
Monika Wuhrer is the founder and executive director of Open Source Gallery and KoKo NYC. Originally from Austria, she received her MFA in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Monika founded Open Source Gallery and its education wing in 2007. She is the mother of 3 boys and realized that education in New York City is missing programs that encourage kids to play, explore and build without the standard supervision parents and other programs provide, but by letting kids assess their own risk, while still being supervised and kept safe. Monika has exhibited in the US, Norway, Austria, Italy, Thailand, Finland, France, Switzerland, and Japan.

Past Session

Date: April 9, 2020

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