Resiliency in the Workplace

Gregory Kunkel
Gregory Kunkel
Adults, Community Online Academy
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One way to describe resiliency is the ability to take a punch – in other words the speed and muscle to handle conflict, stress and difficult situations and bounce back. We have found that as individuals work on identifying their “red arrow” behaviors – those habits that make it harder for others to tell us the truth, they lower conflict avoidance and can build a foundation for more authentic relationships and truth around them. Working on these behaviors as a team builds connection, awareness and resiliency.

At Next Jump, we have been working for years on improving our resiliency muscles as an organization. At the heart of being a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) is the notion of baking into the organization a growth mindset with rituals that build the muscles that strengthen the ability to adapt to change and flourish under constant stress. We have always however believed that growth starts at an individual level first.

This workshop takes you behind the scenes of our thirteen week Pre-Resiliency Training Program [Peer Coaching]. We have found that during COVID-19 stress, this training has had the single biggest resounding impact on our employees to feel less alone and connected to others through this window.

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Gregory Kunkel
Gregory Kunkel
Greg Kunkel joined Next Jump in May 1998 as a co-founder of the organization. He has held a variety of roles during his tenure. He is responsible for developing Next Jump’s relationships with human resources departments and co-leads product development for HR services.

Laura Robertson

Laura Robertson

Laura Robertson has been a NxJumper for over 10 years, working on and leading teams such as Brand Partnerships, Leadership Academy, Operations and Special Projects.

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