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For Working Parents: Classes to Give a Different Perspective on Parenting

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Reading Basics for Parents: How Can I Best Support My Child at Home?
By Julia Chun
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#4: The Effects of Nutrition
By Daniela Morse
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Developing Toughness in Children Series 1 of N
By Macky Bergman
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How To Be a Better Dad
By Lt Col Trevor Rosenberg
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Restorative Exercises: Best in Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Mind Body & More

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Yoga Sculpt and Restore
By Kendall Chaffee-Standish
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Back Pain
By Allie Duffy
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Neck & Shoulder Pain
By Allie Duffy
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Classical Pilates Class
By Kaitlin Cotarelo
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Sports & Fun for Kids: Hip Hop Dance, Karate, Basketball & More

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Hip Hop Dance Through the Decades: The 70's
By Yo-Yio Zeitinidis
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Dance Funk
By Danielle Drayton
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12pm EST
Beginner Ballet
By Lindsy Lee
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6pm EST
By Sensei Zelda Gay
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12pm EST
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Thank you for providing this programming. It has provided a welcome break in the day for my daughter and has kept her engaged. We are particularly happy with the basketball programming and have seen a huge improvement in her skills.
My son wasn't real interested in taking the Fortnite class as he knew you wouldn't play the game, but he was surprised at what he learned. AND...he won his first battle yesterday, so that was a plus!! Thank you!!
Being home with the kiddos + both parents working 40+ hours makes it difficult to keep them entertained! I would love to see this free program continue throughout the school year (especially "new" University of Chicago math or whatever crazy stuff they teach in middle schools these days).
I can't thank you enough for planning this summer camp. All our summer camp plans were cancelled this summer. Poor kiddo is an only child, so spends his days gaming, watching YouTube videos, or hanging with 40-somethings! The past few weeks of camp have been a highlight. He even invited friends from school to join, so they do the sessions "together." Both my hubby and I were able to go to work yesterday and leave him alone. We'd mapped out his schedule for the day as a family, prepped for cooking a recipe. I was able to go to work for a few hours and knew he was fine (my kid is 12, so old enough to be alone). I'm actually sorry that school is starting, and he won't be able to continue with summer camp. Thank you!!!!
State Farm
The biggest concern with distance learning is the lack of social connections. If we extend COA, it will solve one of our biggest challenges as parents - quality socialization. From my personal experience these camp classes fulfilled many of our family’s needs. It’s safe (from virus and predators), virtual, fun, social, personalized interaction and educational. GREAT TEACHERS! Benefits for PwC working parents: Great filler between the kids regular school work - Productive use of the child’s time if they are waiting for their parent to finish a meeting - Global diversity exposure to kids across the world - Variety class content and times - Playbacks are a fabulous resource for MORE healthy interactions through the rest of the week.
We really appreciate the COA classes. They have been an excellent resource for both myself and my daughter. The quality is excellent, it's great for her to see hundreds of other kids excited about what she likes. COA has truly helped her build her confidence to participate in school virtually. Thank you so much!
Johns Hopkins
Citizens Bank
I want to give my kids fun activities and opporunities for social engagement, which have been severely limited by the pandemic. It also helps me to work effectively when they have something interesting to do.
The classes looked great. Grandchildren spending too much time on line just playing games. Looking for some structure
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