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For Working Parents: Classes to Give a Different Perspective on Parenting

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Reading Basics for Parents: How Can I Best Support My Child at Home?
By Julia Chun
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#4: The Effects of Nutrition
By Daniela Morse
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The Art of “Not Coaching”
By Macky Bergman
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How To Be a Better Dad
By Lt Col Trevor Rosenberg
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Restorative Exercises: Best in Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Mind Body & More

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Yoga Sculpt and Restore
By Kendall Chaffee-Standish
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Back Pain
By Allie Duffy
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Neck & Shoulder Pain
By Allie Duffy
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Classical Pilates Class
By Kaitlin Cotarelo
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Sports & Fun for Kids: Hip Hop Dance, Karate, Basketball & More

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Hip Hop Dance Through the Decades: The 70's
By Yo-Yio Zeitinidis
Dance Funk
By Danielle Drayton
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Beginner Ballet
By Lindsy Lee
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6pm EDT
By Sensei Zelda Gay
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Raquel Hightower
COA has helped by providing opportunities for me to relieve stress and have fun through the Hip Hop Dance Series. As well as offering workshops for me to attend, like Why Procrastinators Procrastinate: Staying Engaged in the "New Normal" of COVID and the Information Disorder Workshop.
2020 Was a very stressful and frightening time. Especially from mid-March on. I was required to go to work daily, most were not. I felt very isolated, I wasn’t sure how the virus was contracted and information changed like greased lightning. I found COA to be a port in the storm. One day/week, I was connected to people and it felt normal-ish and welcome. I apple what you do and the learning that has come with it.
Peg Bedard
AARP Discounts
Yuniva Reyes
Children's Health
In teaching my kids new skills in different subjects. Giving my kids ways to interact with others while at home.
I have enjoyed meditation, Pilates and a guest speaker. I found great joy and comfort in a routine in this ever changing year. I especially enjoyed the sense of community that spans the world. The positivity and truly caring individuals that are a part of COA have been amazing! Looking forward to 2021 with COA!!
Michelle Wrobel
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Bianchi Torres
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
I recently lost my husband to covid my sister is now in the hospital non related to covid . So I'm now taking care of her three kids my two kids who are 12 and 8 months .Coa has help my a lot help me feel also I am not alone now that we are home all the give me that opportunity to have conversation with adults since I'm with kids all the time .
I’ve been taking weekly barre classes every Thursday morning. This holds me accountable and helps to keep me focused on my well being. I have also taken classes to teach me how to better handle the balance of working from home while my kids are learning from home as well. My kids have also taken advantage of the kids club. This has been so helpful to them as they are not able to spend time with friends anymore.
Amanda Saccuzzo
The Walt Disney Company
Diane Shaffer
It has provided me with a way to interact with others. It has given me an outlet to exercise both my mind and body in the privacy of my home.
I've gotten a lot out of the variety of fitness classes. I have enjoyed trying new activities. I take one live class a week and use the video hub a lot in between.
Catherine Graetzer
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