Online Kids Camp
Extended: August 6 - September 3, Every Thursday · 10am - 8pm EDT

Select Your Kid's Age to Begin
Live & Interactive
Enjoy a full day of live classes, interactive wth our beloved teachers and other campers.
Balanced Schedule
Carefully curated by the COA staff, choose from 50+ activities to help your kids balance enrichment, creativity and fitness.
Peace of Mind for Parents
The camp is completely free with a one-click registration for a full day of classes in the month of August.
Summer Camp Announcements
Don't Miss out on the fun elements, make the most out of this summer
COA summer kids camp registration will open on
12pm EST, Friday, July 31!
Dress-Up theme for 8/6
PJ's All Day
Feel comfy and cozy all day
Dress-Up theme for 8/13
Future Career
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Dress-Up theme for 8/20
Wacky Wear
Use your creativity to wear your wackiest outfit
Frequently Asked Questions
Does My child need to Attend all 4 Weeks?
Campers are encouraged to attend all 4 weeks. If your camper isn't able to attend one of the weeks, that's okay! All classes are recorded and your camper can watch any missed classes on their own.
Does my child need to attend all classes every Thursday?
Campers are encouraged to attend classes throughout each Thursday. If your camper isn't able to attend a class that's okay! We know that life happens.
Can my child switch between classes each week?
Classes are designed for campers to be able to drop in at any time. We offer multiple options for classes throughout the day to encourage campers to explore their own interests.
Can you offer Summer Camp on non-Thursdays?
In an increasingly digital world, we want to create a balance between Real-Time Learning in Zoom Rooms on Thursdays and Any-Time Learning where campers can continue to explore activities throughout the rest of the week on their own time.
Will you offer continuous classes throughout the day?
In a world that is increasingly virtual, we find offering 30-minute classes with deliberate breaks in between helps campers remain engaged over the course of the day and helps to combat Zoom Fatigue.
When will I receive Zoom links?
You'll receive an email with all Zoom links every Wednesday before Summer Camp on Thursday. If you are setting up your child on a personal device, please be sure to forward this email to a personal email address to ensure a smooth day on Thursday.
Can I invite my child's friends?
Yes! Camp is more fun with friends. Please feel free to invite your child's friends to participate as well.