Next Level Nutrition Series (3 of 12)

Adults · Wellness
Manage your mind to manage your health and weight.

Over the next 12 weeks, we're going to look at evidence based behaviour change techniques to change how you think about achieving your health and weight loss goals.

Each week, we will deep dive on a nutrition or mindset topic giving you a take away, actionable strategy each week to test for yourself. This is the course for you if you're ready to give up giving up on your goals and make a lasting change in 2023!

Week 1: Know your why & understanding your core values

Week 2: How to 'surf the urge' to manage cravings

Week 3: Key questions to trigger mindful eating behaviour, anytime, any place

Week 4: How to change, build & break habits

Week 5: How to get organised for a week of home cooked meals

Week 6: Eating more protein part 1

Week 7: Eating more protein part 2

Week 8: How to break the all or nothing diet cycle

Week 9: Using reflection as a tool for change

Week 10: Healthy swaps for everyday food

Week 11: Identify your thoughts & feelings to change your behaviour

Week 12: Recap & Q&A
Audience: Adults

Upcoming Session

January 26, 12 PM EST
For Adults · 45 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Angela Clucas
Angela Clucas is an established UK registered Nutritionist and founder of Next Level Nutrition. Renowned for her expertise in mindset and behavioral change around dieting. She challenges the status quo of conventional dieting and quick fix solutions! Angela delves into the intricate relationship between mindset, food and habits for long lasting sustainable weight loss Her distinctive SHREDitall Method goes beyond diet plans with a comprehensive real mind and body overhaul to guarantee long lasting sustainable weight loss For inquiries or further information about Angela's work, contact her at or connect via social media @nextlevelnutritioniom