The Future of Work
August 14, 2021
Next Jump Flagship HQ
512 W 22nd Street, New York City.
Experience the Future of Work:
Next Jump’s newly built flagship headquarters in NYC, designed as the most elite training facility for leadership and decision making in the world, will be unveiled on August 14, 2021. Global thought leaders across industry including military, corporate, Olympic/Pro athletes, and authors will be in attendance. A number of people from the community will be invited to attend. (Scholarships available). If you would like to be considered for an invitation, please apply for an invitation.
Coming Soon: We are excited to share that future COA classes will be live streamed from our new company headquarters in NYC starting this summer. It is specifically programmed, like COA, to represent the future of work and to support the whole person. It is designed to be our first Develop-Mental GYM – the most elite training facility for leadership and decision making in the world. We can’t wait to host you!
The project was brought to life in collaboration with MMOSER Associates under the design leadership of Charlton Hutton.
Amenities Include:
  • Full Cooking Kitchen
  • Double-height Learning Auditorium Space with Live Tree
  • Kids Club
  • 5 Fitness Spaces including Pilates, Spin & Basketball
  • 3,490 SF Outdoor Terrace
Next Jump is on a mission to change the world by changing workplace culture. Project Flagship is our vision of the future of the work. We are excited to share a preview of our NYC Flagship office space currently in construction at 512 W 22nd Street with an anticipated opening of July 2021.Our intent is to build a network of global campuses with planning underway for London, UK as our Develop-Mental Gym #2.
As we move further into the 21st Century and move past the pandemic, the workplaces needs to change as well. Work has not only traditionally been the place where we spend the most time in our life but also the entity that has the most resources. Next Jump believes employers should use those resources to pull together the workplace as a center of life– a place of family, gathering, wellness, fun, learning, and community. A design that optimizes for thinking and brain power and also the streaming hub for our Community Online Academy (COA).
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