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Community Stories: How has COA helped you in 2020?

from perks at work members

I’d have gone NUTS, truly. I have been in isolation with SIP since our office sent us home on March 12th. I haven’t socialized, haven’t gone out, barely outside to/from car to get food or the rare trip to the hardware store/post office. I feel like one of the few following protocol when I see maddening scenes on the news of people congregating in bars, parties, etc.Being able to exercise my mind, body, and spirit by taking COA classes has been a godsend. I am not only able to exercise all aspects of myself, but I able to engage with other like-minded people. I have spent more time with the instructors and other attendees, than I have with friends or co-workers.COA has truly been a lifeline for me, and I say that w/o exaggeration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this available to us!
Bianca Nikon Dec 18, 2020
Employee, Home Depot
It is really inspiring to hear what you shared in today’s session. What you have built at Next Jump is truly impressive and amazing. I want to thank you and the entire Next Jump Team from the bottom of my heart for starting COA. I have attended the COA sessions from March/April. I have really loved every single session that I have attended and learnt so much. I look forward to Thursday every week. COA has been a blessing this year! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dec 17, 2020
I’ve been taking weekly barre classes every Thursday morning. This holds me accountable and helps to keep me focused on my well being. I have also taken classes to teach me how to better handle the balance of working from home while my kids are learning from home as well. My kids have also taken advantage of the kids club. This has been so helpful to them as they are not able to spend time with friends anymore.
Dec 17, 2020
Upper Merion Area School District
I am grateful for the live classes and videos. My son who has intellectual disability has been attending the live classes and I have been adding video exercise classes to his weekly schedule. Normally, he would have been attending an adult day care program but with some of them closed or at reduced capacity and because of the pandemic, he has to stay home. Thanks for sharing COA freely.
Dec 17, 2020
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Love this class. It is one of the true jewels that has come out of the pandemic. The time goes by so fast. Those pulses tapping to the front and the back in the leg series were quite challenging this time. I love all the things you to to make it harder for those of use who have been coming to all your Pilates classes!
Alicia C
Member, Perks At Work May 9, 2020
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Great class! I’ve had both knees replaced and working from home has gotten me out of the habit of moving. This was a great reminder on how good it feels to move!
Some delicious new stretches today which will be great to combat tight shoulders. Always with great cues so we can follow easily. We look forward to this class every week.
Love love love this class! Its my favorite so far because its no pain, all gain! Great for stress relief and a nice way to stretch/move while concentrating on motion without added stress to your body! A win/win!
Christina L
Employee, Bank Of America Oct 12, 2020
This is really, really nice! Whoever thought of this deserves a bonus. It’s not easy to get movement in when you work from home. I love the boxing classes. I look forward to them all week and mike does a great job of helping a newbie like me understand boxing concepts. not only is this class a work out but it makes me feel like 1 million bucks when I’m done. Most weeks I start with sore shoulders and a tight back and by the time I’m done everything is lose and feels great. thank you and see you next week.
James H
Member, Perks At Work Nov 20, 2020
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I’m so done, but in the best way possible! I’ve had a spell of misfortune the last couple of years and gained a lot of weight due to depression. These classes not only have helped me lose weight in the last 3 weeks, but have also helped to bring a real smile back to my face. Thank you so very much.
David M
Employee, E&Y July 23, 2020
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We really appreciate the COA classes. They have been an excellent resource for both myself and my daughter. The quality is excellent, it’s great for her to see hundreds of other kids excited about what she likes. She enjoys taking part in variety of classes and pushes herself to get better at the new ones. She had a ball. It was a great way for her to use up stored energy & get exercise, especially when its been difficult to do outdoor activities. COA has truly helped her build her confidence to participate in school virtually, and has been able to make new friends along the way. Thank you so much!
Employee, Johns HopkinsAug 14, 2020
My girls LOVE YoYio! They’ve never done dance before and my one daughter who usually gives up at thing when they get hard had the best time in this class. They loved learning the new moves and can’t wait for another class. Thank you!
Michelle R
Sept 12, 2020
I have a ten-year-old she’s the only child due to the whole Kovach. Dammit unfortunately she has not been able to reach out to friends and she said she would normally see on a daily basis while being at school or being in a summer camp and I seen that you are offered this summer camp and I took advantage of it she really likes the sign language class and the Chinese class and she just recently discovered a cooking class yesterday that you guys had on resume and she enjoyed it also I just want to say thank you all for putting a big bright smile on my baby girl’s face thanks blessing stay safe
George Washington University Hospital Nov 9, 2020
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I am absolutely grateful to Charlie & Meghan and the Next Jump Team to continue to offer the amazing COA classes every thur. since March. The LIP classes along with the other classes are useful, engaging, and relevant content every week has been tremendously helpful to me and my wife. I learn something new in every class that I attend, and I look forward to them every week.
Shiv U
Employee, Home Depot Dec 3, 2020
I am on the ISO team for my company and Next Jump and COA is something that I have reached out to all our US Offices and overseas offices that have access about. I have encouraged them all to attend in the classes they offered for the reason you spoke up – the community but also for all the awesome classes and information provided by COA! Thanks for all that you do!!!!
Senator International Atlanta Dec 17, 2020
One of the best things I’ve found during COVID is COA and Coronaitis. Greg, Rachel and Kristin are amazing in what they do as a team and how well they bring all of us together. I look forward to them and the community that get together each week.
It was a real fun event for me! I was enjoying and laughing the whole time. The jelly beans were the best as well as the worst part of the event haha! It was organized well but it lacked a little bit of enthusiasm at times. P.S. I still have rotten egg taste in my mouth
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Love the Spanish class because it goes it is simple reasonable pace. I’m been trying to find out how to get help with my learning on the app that I just bought through this class.Todd does a great job in engaging the entire class while teaching important basic information.. Highly recommend this class!
Ella C
Member, Perks At Work Dec 17, 2020
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I am on the ISO team for my company and Next Jump and COA is something that I have reached out to all our US Offices and overseas offices that have access about. I have encouraged them all to attend in the classes they offered for the reason you spoke up – the community but also for all the awesome classes and information provided by COA! Thanks for all that you do!!!!
Alicia C
Member, Perks At Work May 9, 2020
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Thanks Peter since joining your class I have become more aware of what, how and when I eat and I am feeling the benefit. Thanks for explaining the difference between good and bad fats in such simple terms.
This class always reminds me of how best to improve my overall diet choices and therefore my health and well-being. Thank you!
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I’m really glad I took the class! Very timely, as I had a video call with the VP of my division later that day, and I felt a little less nervous after prepping with the tools Shawn shared. I utilized the tips from the remote communications class from yesterday on a call with a client today. Very helpful and effective
Roche Diagnostics/Sequencing Jun 4, 2020
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Felt really emotional while presenting during resiliency training. It has definitely given me a new perspective and energy and I feel more confident today. I feel, I am really enjoying what I am doing… I feel touched and grateful to be part of this.
Sometimes it can be easy to think you are the only ones struggling. but its so grounding seeing this group of people who all have so much care also facing the same things. I feel grateful.
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Wonderful class! Anne had so many good points to cover on sleep and why we fall into less than ideal sleep patterns and what happens when sleep isn’t restful. Resonated with me currently because I’ve been struggling to sleep through the night. (New for me!) I’ll definitely try some of the hints to see if my “relationship” with sleep can be restored. And the Yoga Nidra mini session was a treat! Thank you! Looking forward to another class with Anne.