A Community of people who come together “to do the right thing”, to get healthier, smarter, stronger, support each other and help those in need.

our why drives us forward

Support Hospitals & Heath care workers

March, 2020

$275,000 was donated by 3000+Perks at work members to support New York City’s hardest hit hospitals by COVID-19 and beyond—over 70 US hospitals in 12 states.
the community donated 30,000 lbs of PPE equipment to hospitals most in need along with food/snacks/beverages to keep up energy and electronic tablets so that those hospitalized could communicate with their loved ones.
hospitals supported
Elmhurst Hospital
Kings County Hospital
Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Thank you from the bottom of the collective hearts at my hospital. these donations will go a long way in helping to protect our people, and in turn, many others.
Cathy Buehler, Aurora Medical Center (WI)
I’m a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) working at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY. Thank you so much for organizing these efforts, and putting in so much time. Our team greatly appreciates everything, and you are saving lives. We have a high risk for contaminating ourselves, as 5 people in the department are already positive

Supporting Health Care Workers in China

Jan, 2020

with the world first reeling from the impact of COVID-19 in China—one of our NxJumpers organized a grass-roots effort to get much needed PPE in the hands of medical professionals. Both his parents are doctors in Wuhan and his mother was part of the original team that discovered the virus. Thousands of doctors and nurses were getting sick, and were resorting to makeshift solutions like homemade masks and trash bags to protect themselves while continuing to work in the field.
42 Hospitals in Wuhan, China
40,000 lbs of PPE
48 Days
800+ Volunteers

you guys are a GODSEND!

Give Hope to Martin Van Buren High School + Queens, NY Community

May, 2020

To help support growing poverty due to COVID-19, the community around Martin Van Buren High School in Queens, New York created a cookbook to raise awareness and donations for local families who were already suffering before the devastating economic impact of the pandemic

800 families living below the poverty line before the pandemic hit
81 Perks at Work Members donated $23,000 to support
Next Jump matched a further $23,000 bringing the total effort to $46,000 raised
WOW! The one word I think hearing you speak is innovative! Thank you for sharing your story
Love, Kindness & Genuine Hard Work always wins!

Helping Organizations Train Resilience

May, 2020 – Current

Next Jump has open sourced their program guide and worksheets as well as partnered with 10+ orgs to help peer groups train on developing awareness and dialing down our behaviors that prevent others from giving us the truth.
We have found in working on ourselves and having trained leaders within military, education, sports and medicine that the foundation of a growth mindset is a balance of humility and confidence. Being able to be open-minded to new ideas, seek feedback, be coachable, while also risk taking and being able to self-advocate. In one post survey, 100% of participants would recommend the program
I’ve been in several resiliency trainings before (classes) – this has been so much more effective. Documenting how I am in my head – feeling less alone hearing what others are struggling with. Without PRT, I would be in a worse state right now – I feel so much more hopeful – empowered to bring up these topics and work on them
This was incredibly valuable. It helped me realize that I had to step up and show that I have the leadership skills and courage to lead. Many thanks for the feedback and believing in me
PRT group – I feel like I finally have the safe space to be honest here.
I feel like i finally have the safe space to be honest here.

Helping Working Parents | Building Toughness in Kids

March, 2020 – Current

I joined these sessions with the hopes of taking away anything. And with every week it’s so comforting in being part of this group knowing that we are not alone. No matter the age of our children or circumstances we are facing we have a support system within this group. Thank you Macky for creating this opportunity for us and sharing the way that you do
Setting kids up for success in virtual learning
Balancing short term and long term happiness
The importance of

The founder/director of Steady Buckets, a NYC youth basketball non-profit, Macky Bergman has been teaching months of classes to the Perks at Work community on how to help build toughness in kids. Over his career, Coach Macky has coached over 10,000 kids in his 15+ year career and is taking some of his best lessons learned and sharing it with parents.

This session was a GODSEND! I’ve been so lost during this pandemic and attending this meeting has really given me focus. From today’s Meeting I was able to take away lots of ideas how to manage the ideas and where to start. Macky provided lots of tips as well as resources. His East coast vibe really made it feel like we were chatting with a family member ! Will return for more meeting lessons and looking forward to joining COA school ! Our HOST was amazing !

Young leaders are committed to teach other kids in the community

September, 2020 – Current

Hosting sessions is helping Charlie build social skills and confidence.  Being able to connect with so many kids from diverse backgrounds, age groups and nationalities is great
Since September 2020, COA started to run kids club for all the Perks at work community kids. Since then, there’s 120 young leaders have led 500 classes, topics ranging from art, science, dance, math, basketball to playing games and chatting together.
He loved having an opportunity to be a leader in a totally new environment. It was great to see him step up to the plate and take initiative. He also made a nice friend and they had a great time together.