Generative AI: Creating Your Own Personal Co-Pilot - Intro to Large Language Models (1 of 10)

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This course is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the best way to utilise Large Language Models (LLMs) both in their professional and personal lives. From this course you will gain the confidence to experiment with LLMs in a way that can help increase your productivity, cut down mundane & repetitive tasks, whilst freeing up your time to spend on more energising tasks.   The course will consist of following ten lessons:   Lesson 1: Intro to Large Language Models Lesson 2: Crafting Effective Prompts Lesson 3: Spreadsheets Super Powers: Unleash the Productivity Boost of LLMs Lesson 4: ChatGPT Add-Ons for Google Chrome: Enhancing Your Browsing Experience Lesson 5: Coding Companions: Harnessing LLMs as Your Personal Software Engineer Lesson 6: Automating The Mundane Lesson 7: Data-Driven Decisions: Making Informed Choices with Your AI Data Scientist Lesson 8: Your Personal Coach: Copywriting - How to craft the perfect message for any occasion Lesson 9: Exploring the multiverse of Large Language Models Lesson 10: Acquire new Skills - Using LLMs to boost your knowledge

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