Creative Problem-Solving - Innovation (For Kids Ages 8-10)

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Creative Problem-Solving Sessions (For Kids Ages 8-10)

Explore how to make decisions and solve problems. Put problem solving skills to the test and learn to innovate.

Think creatively

The Creative Problem Solving Sessions are designed to help your child:

• think critically
• make decisions independently
• innovate & think creatively
• solve problems

Embrace new challenges

These sessions develop your child’s ability to apply their problem solving skills to a range of situations. Learning how to think creatively can help them feel confident and increase their readiness to embrace new challenges. Each online session starts and ends with some energiser games making it easy for your child to focus for the full 45 minutes.

What do the sessions focus on?

What is Creativity?

Are you creative? Learn how creativity is a way of thinking, it’s more than being good at drama, music and art! Find our why creativity is important and how creativity is a skill we can all develop.

Steps to Solve a Problem

Learn a simple 4 step process for approaching and solving problems. This can be applied when learning in the classroom and when with friends.

Generating Ideas

Does your mind ever go blank? Learn some easy ways to generate ideas and help your creative ideas flow. The more we use these techniques, the better we get at them!

Critical Thinking

What is critical thinking and why is it so important? Learn how critical thinking ca help you make decision and work out what to do in a range of different situations.


What’s the difference between thinking creatively and innovating? How do you take a good idea and do something with it?

Growing My Creativity

Creativity can be developed and there are things you can do to help exercise your creativity muscle. Learn how to let go of the fear of being wrong to be your most creative self.

Creative Problem Solving in Action

Learn to apply a range of problem solving skills to some tricky challenges and tasks!

Thinking Differently to Others

Do you ever lack confidence in your own ideas? Learn why it’s good to think differently and how to have the confidence to believe in your own ideas, even when others don’t.

Judgement & Decision Making

Making decisions sounds easy but often it’s hard to do on our own. Learn what questions you should ask yourself to work out what the right thing to do is.

Dragons Den Product Design

Have fun bouncing round ideas for an innovative new product. Spend time designing and then pitching your idea to our very own Dragon!

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Audience: Kids Ages 8-10
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Meet Our Instructor

Courtney Ward
Professional actress and has performed on stage, screen and behind the scenes all across the world. Teaching alongside auditioning over the last six years is something which Courtney finds hugely rewarding, and she has always tried to filter in life skills throughout her other subjects (performing arts and Pilates!), as she believes that important life skills can always be taken away from any subject, and that education should be a fun and passion driven experience which inspires us to constantly be curious and growing as people, no matter our age.

Courtney is still a keen learner herself, and is fascinated by history, science and medicine. (So much so, that she retook her first aid course two years earlier than she needed to – for fun!) She loves feeling like she can take a lesson away from anyone and anything, and hopes she can share that enthusiasm!

In 2020, Courtney launched an online theatre organisation which helps professional performers and writers like herself feel as though they are supported and encouraged to thrive as part of an inclusive community where their individuality is valued and celebrated – these values are massively important to her and are ones which she continues to encourage in her classroom. Courtney is also the safeguarding leader for this company and regularly ensures that everyone is constantly feeling seen and heard, and reassured that their voices matter.

Courtney wants every child that she works with to leave her class feeling empowered and valued, and she’s extremely excited to welcome old and new faces into her classroom with her trusty cup of tea and endless supply of notebooks!