Brilliant Me and My Ideas - All the Ways I'm Smart (For Kids Ages 5-7)

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Brilliant Me and My Ideas Sessions (For Kids Ages 5-7)

Explore how to grow ideas and think creatively. Building confidence in sharing ideas with others.

Brilliant Me & My Ideas is designed to help your child:

• Develop their imagination & curiosity
• Have confidence in their own ideas and how to share them
• Learn to develop and nurture an idea
• Understand that there are many different ways to be ‘smart’
• Have courage and self-belief in their ideas even if others shoot them down
• Learn that small ideas can grow into big dreams

Believing in your ideas and your potential

These sessions use the power of storytelling and creative activities to help children believe in themselves. Each online session is broken down into sections making it easy for your child to focus for the full 45 minutes.

What do the sessions focus on?

Using My Imagination

Using your imagination can be fun; learn how to take the ordinary and make it brilliant! Using your imagination in play opens up endless possibilities!

Session worksheet here: That’s not a…!

Thinking Creatively

You have to really believe it to see it. Learn how to think creatively to turn a boring cardboard box into something extraordinary.

Session worksheet here: It’s NOT a box!

Growing an Idea

How do you grow a good idea? Learn how to look after your ideas and what they need in order to develop.

Session worksheet here: Help Your Ideas Grow!

My Pirate Map Adventure

Come a long on a pirate adventure and use this as inspiration to create your very own pirate treasure map!

Session worksheet here: My Treasure Map

All the Ways I'm Smart

Being smart isn’t just about reading, writing and maths. Are you good at painting patterns, wheeling wagons, being mermaids or riding dragons..?

Session worksheet here: What Would You Like to Do?

Every Story Starts with Nothing

Writing a story from scratch can be tricky. Learn a clever way to go from nothing to a clear plan for your story.

Session worksheet here: Every Story Starts with Nothing

Can You Solve a Problem?

Use your bright design ideas to solve a problem and design a bridge to help out Billy the Bunny.

Session worksheet here: Can You Solve a Problem

Thinking Outside the Box

Practise how to use your curiosity and imagination to see new possibilities. Learn how to make something new from something old.

Session worksheet here: Transform Your Square

How Do You Find an Idea?

Where do you get new ideas from? Learn how to use your curiosity to seek out inspiration from around you. Be curious, look, listen, touch, taste, smell, learn…

Session worksheet here: Where Can You Look For Ideas?

Creative Play

Practise using your creativity and imagination to turn an everyday object into something magical.

Session worksheet here: It’s Not a Stick!

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Audience: Kids Ages 5-7
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Meet Our Instructor

Suraiya Essof

Suraiya Essof is a qualified teacher with ten years of experience teaching children. She has a particular interest in wellbeing and in helping people to find peace and fulfilment. She has a Business degree in Industrial Psychology, and a postgraduate in Education. Her passion for teaching, and love for books and trivia, has inspired her to host General knowledge quizzes and a Bookclub for Homeschool learners all over the world! Suraiya is also an entrepreneur and has founded a successful furniture retail business.

She has a passion for recreational activities to improve wellbeing, specifically kite flying. Suraiya has founded a global movement for peace, named Kites for Peace, where children attend kite making workshops and fly kites to learn how to manage their mental wellbeing through joyful activities. It includes aspects of environmental awareness and various societal issues, with the importance of kindness always at the forefront. She has represented her country in International Kite festivals.

Suraiya also leads a charity network of 150 charitable organisations, called the Zimbabwe Cares Network, promoting charity and volunteering as a means to find inner peace. She does cake decorating and photography as hobbies.

Suraiya’s Role Model is Imtiaz Sooliman founder of Gift of the Givers International. His leadership and selfless persona encourages others to also be selfless and give whenever there are global disasters. His humility, courage, resilience and determination are values to aspire to.