Cardio Sculpt

Adults · Wellness
Harlem Sculpt is a 45-minute total body conditioning class using low impact HIIT and strength training movements to improve balance, coordination, and core stability. You’ll mold your thighs, seat, arms, and abs to a healthier, stronger you. Harlem Sculpt is an excellent complement to any of our spinning, strength or HIIT classes, working opposing muscle groups, decreasing injury, and increasing range of motion.
Audience: Adults
New York | Boston | London
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December 2, 1 PM EST
For Adults · 45 mins

3 of 60 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Leah Tubbs
Fitness and healthy living are an integral part of Leah’s career longevity as a dancer, arts educator, and choreographer. Part of the Harlem Cycle team, Leah is thrilled to share her passion for fitness to instill healthy living through high-energy classes with positive reinforcement and motivational idioms.