World Mental Health Day - Simple Tips from Someone Who Has Suffered

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Join Jules Hobbs, a COA instructor and mental health advocate, as she shares her personal experience of poor mental health and what helped her recovery.

Over five years ago, Jules suffered from general anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD and an eating disorder. Her journey prompted huge lifestyle changes and led to where she is today, a much happier and healthier mindset coach, teacher and mental health advocate.

During this VIP session, Jules will be sharing her personal story for the first time ever and the simple strategies that helped her to heal and thrive.

Please note: Jules is not a registered mental health professional and this session will be centered around her personal story rather than professional advice.

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October 6, 1 PM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Jules Hobbs
Jules Hobbs, of Hobbs Holistic Health, is a Wellness Consultant, Nutrition Coach and Massage Therapist. Working within the health and fitness industry for over 14 years, Jules has held a wide range of roles which began at the age of 18 as a fitness instructor. Over time, her focus has naturally moved towards holistic health, looking at your whole self.

Jules encourages a balanced lifestyle to all her clients encompassing fitness, mobility, yoga, positive mental health, nutrition and rest. Jules currently splits her time between online Nutrition & Wellness Coaching, Mindfulness & Self Development Seminars and Sports & Deep Tissue Massage. You can find her on instagram or Facebook @hobbsholistichealth , Linkedin under Jules Hobbs or contact her on