Python Data Science Series 3 of N

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In this class we will be covering a variety of aspects of Data Science including data exploration & analysis such as Pandas; NumPy; SciPy; a helping hand from Python’s Standard Library. Also, we will be covering data visualization which is a pretty self-explanatory name. Taking data and turning it into something visual and colorful using Matplotlib.
Audience: Kids

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October 22, 12 PM EDT
For Kids · 30 mins

70 of 300 spots reserved
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Meet Our Instructors

Arrjun Ramkumar
Arrjun is a Computing and Management student at Loughborough University, and a tutor at CodeX. He has been working with Python for over 4 years and is passionate about sharing his love for coding with the next generation of coders.
Becca Wye
Becca is a Computer Science student at Loughborough University, and a tutor at CodeX- a social enterprise aiming to diversify the technology sector and improve the employment opportunities for young people. She has been coding in Python for close to 3 years, after teaching herself the language, and has previously enjoyed mentoring young people from all around the world.

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