Fortnite Beginner / Intermediate

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This course will go over the basics and fundamentals of Fortnite. Some of the different various topics that we will discuss include aiming, building, and editing drills along with the ability to make accurate decisions on what moves to make in specific situations. These tips and tricks will be able to enhance any Fortnite player's ability to win more games and achieve the ultimate goal of a "Victory Royale" !
Audience: Kids

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October 22, 2 PM EDT
For Kids · 30 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Troy Hanson
Troy 'UnknownAvix' Hanson is currently a full time student with the dream of becoming an elementary math teacher. He has been training players in Fortnite since March 18, 2018, including some very high ranked pro players. He has been interviewed by countless companies such as CNN, Mashable, and MIT technology review. Troy has over 10 years of gaming experience now and far over 2000 wins throughout his entire career.

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