Yoga Nidra Meditation

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Supplies: A thick blanket folded into a square to be used as a thin pillow, another blanket big enough to cover the body from neck to feet, a thick pillow or rolled-up blanket to elevate the knees. An eye pillow is optional but highly recommended. The video shows how to set-up for Yoga Nidra with props. This way you will have a visual before coming to class. Here's the link:
Audience: Adults

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October 22, 3 PM EDT
For Adult · 30 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Argentina Rosado
Argentina started practicing yoga and meditation to help cope with difficult changes in her life. Yoga and meditation gave her peace in the middle of chaos and it quickly became part of her lifestyle and everyday life. After years of personal practice and self-study, she is now a full-time instructor with a mission to help her students stay healthy through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Her teaching specialties include hatha, vinyasa, restorative, and yoga nidra. Each of her classes are breath-centered and challenging, but still accessible and never competitive. In addition to leading group yoga and yoga nidra classes in NYC offices with Exubrancy, Argentina also teaches at Bread and Yoga.

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