Chess Tactics

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Tactics are an integral part of chess and occur throughout all phases of the game. This dynamic class focuses on common tactics such as pins, forks, skewers, double attacks, deflections, discovered checks and mating attacks.
Audience: Ages 5-9

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October 22, 6 PM EDT
For Kid · 30 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Alanna Katz
Alanna Katz is the Co-Founder and Lead Instructor at Growing Minds Chess Academy, which manages the chess curriculum and chess team at Avenues The World School. She also co founded, a premier chess teaching organization in NYC. She is one of the top 100 female chess players in the US. Spencer Wood is a 5th grade student at Avenues. Spencer started learning chess in 1st grade and is currently one of the top 35 10-year-old chess players in the country.

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