Jr Structural Engineering with Lego

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Make amazing LEGO® creations! There are no instruction booklets in this class – you will use your imagination to build these structures while learning the engineering behind them. So while your buildings will look cool on the outside, they will be rock-solid on the inside, ready to withstand an onslaught from earthquakes, boulders, and even hurricanes.

Today, we're building with columns (aka, pillars, pilings, stacks of bricks, etc.). It's a simple technique, just stack up those bricks. Columns are, of course, easy to build, so we'll explore what we can do with them. In buildings, they can hold up walls or ceilings. They can be used to raise a whole building up off the ground or to hold up the span of the bridge. People and animals can walk beneath a structure that is raised on columns. Water can flow around columns. Mostly importantly, they give the builder some height while using way fewer bricks. Columns do come with a cost to your building's lateral strength (side-to-side strength).
Audience: Kids
You may participate with whatever Lego you currently have available at your location. Our instructor will be using our base Lego Kit which consists of 160 2X4 Bricks (one color), 350 2X4 Bricks (another color), and 1 16X32 base plate. Try adding straws, dowels, or cardboard tubes to your home-based creations.

Upcoming Session

June 17, 6 PM EDT
For Kids · 45 mins

32 of 150 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Tajaa Long
Taj Long is a current Computer Science undergraduate student based in metropolitan Washington D.C. Over the past 4 years she’s worked with schools, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to introduce students to STEM. She also developed curricula to help K-12 understand engineering fundamentals and programmatic thinking. When she’s not teaching, you can find her designing and building websites and apps.