LIP Extension Chinese Edition #11

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LIP Extension - Chinese Edition, taught by senior leadership team members Weiwei Hu and Qian Ge, is a specialized extension of the foundational course originally led by Next Jump's Co-CEOs Meghan Messenger and Charlie Kim. This tailored class delves into the leadership principles, taking into account the unique nuances and the diverse cultural, social, and business dimensions that shape Chinese workplaces. This series emphasizes the importance of context-driven decision-making in the face of uncertainty, a crucial capability for leaders operating within the Chinese landscape.

Beyond exploring changes and trends specific to the Chinese market, this course also encompasses the universal themes of human performance, such as self-awareness, teaming, emotional intelligence, mood, nutrition, and more, while infusing them with relevant cultural insights. Through a blend of engaging presentations, in-depth discussions, and localized case studies, attendees are equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern Chinese workplace, letting go of outdated practices and embracing new strategies for success.

实践中的领导力 中文扩展版,由资深领导团队成员胡维玮先生和葛倩女士授课,是在Next Jump的联合首席执行官Meghan Messenger和Charlie Kim主导的领导力课程基础上的扩展。这个量身定制的课程深入探讨领导力原则和实践,考虑到塑造中国工作场所的独特细微差异以及多样的文化、社会和商业维度。本系列强调在面对不确定性时,对自我情境的理解和调整对决策的重要性,这对在中国格局内运营的领导者来说是至关重要的能力。


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December 7, 1 PM EST
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Meet Our Instructors

Qian Ge
Born in Gansu, grew up in Wuhan, I'm a northerner who has southern living habits. I have founded three small companies in China, invested two companies in US, and served as the chairman of two NGOs.

In 2013, I came to US to accompanied my children for high school. After several years of adaptation, I established Westar, a 501C3 organization whose purpose is to serve the Weston community, with a group of enthusiasts living in Weston in 2018. In the early days of COVID-19 in 2020, I organized and gathered more than 50 Chinese associations to donate and deliver a tremendous amount of medical protection supplies to both China and US, and based on this, NECAA (New England Chinese American Alliance) was founded in September of the same year, a 501C4 organization which aims to promote political participation, social influence, and life happiness index of the Chinese community. I'm currently the chairman of these two NGOs.
Weiwei Hu
Weiwei Hu, Partner at Next Jump, has trained hundreds of business leaders to be a better self. He believes in “Better me + better you = better us.” Giving back is in Next Jump’s and his DNA. He has helped various business and communities to grow and develop, and consistently looks for new ways to help individuals and organizations to get better.