1Sculpt Fitness - Beginners Pilates Flow

Adults · Wellness
Have you ever been in a fitness class wanting to work your deep core and gluts and not really understanding or feeling what you should be working or how to activate your deep core? This class is for you. Taking you through your beginner Pilates class to learn your basic techniques to carry you through any workout. Learn the difference of working in a neutral and imprinted spine and when, where and how to implement this. Do you ever find your gluts not activating during a workout, it could just be down to simple positioning and breathing to get the activation going? Maybe you're struggling with your plank position? This class will teach you everything you need to know to work on your technique. This class will teach you how to work your entire body with technique and the breathing, this class will teach you how to get the best results from your workouts. Don't miss out! For 6 weeks only.
Audience: Adults
Mat, light resistance bands and weights are optional

Upcoming Session

July 11, 6 AM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

60 of 60 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Nathalie is one half of the 1Sculpt fitness Duo, with two studios in Surrey-UK. Jeannine is the other half of the 1Sculpt fitness Duo and they both have over 20 years of fitness experience between them with instructing and personal training. Their passion has always been fitness and making it fun. Spending the last 13 years teaching at London's top studios as master trainers and performing all over the world as professional dancers and choreographers, fitness has always played a massive part in being in peak physique and preventing injury. Both Jeannine and Nathalie have danced and choreographed for major worldwide artists, movies, adverts and award shows. Expect high energized workouts full of fun and the 1Sculpt burn with each sister.