Piano Made Easy: Learning with Lead Sheets

Adults · Learning
Many adult learners get discouraged by reading musical notation; it's one of the most difficult languages in the world! This class will take some of the pressure off by teaching lead sheets, which require you to read only one note at a time and give you the freedom to add your own ideas and layers of texture/difficulty as you see fit. You will learn about chords, reading the treble clef and adding riffs and bits of improvisation. It is recommended that you purchase a fakebook from this series (in the key of "C") so that you can take what you learn in class and apply them to your favorite songs! Please click here to access the class drive for supplementary practice material (note that PWC and Intuit email addresses are blocked; please use a personal email address to access).

Upcoming Session

July 11, 12 PM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

7 of 60 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Talia Girton
Talia is the director of the London-based mobile music school, The Cycling Music Teachers. She sits on the management committee of the European Piano Teachers Association UK and is the Editor of Piano Professional Magazine.

Talia is also a yoga teacher and is passionate about engaging in movement and the creative arts for wellbeing.