Weekly Gratitude + Games

Adults · Learning
COA Coronitas is a Next Jump tradition to thank the people who helped us succeed throughout the week. We do it by sharing a Coronita (a tiny Corona beer) with them or leaving them a note on our Gratitude Wall

What? Gratitude session followed by some FUN games to end your week on a high note!

Why? One of the biggest things missing from working during the pandemic is social connection. Sharing gratitude at the end of the week has been shown to improve mindset and help us gain perspective.

How? This is a FUN and interactive session. We encourage you to join with friends and family! For more information about how our gratitude session works and tips on creating your own gratitude session Read More
Audience: Kids & Adults

Upcoming Session

July 11, 5 PM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Stephen Grealish
A Next Jumper since 2019, Steve is a Business Associate on the CRM team managing communications for COA and educating employees of their shopping benefits with Perks at Work