Climate Change Basics And What You Can Do

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Want to understand the reality of climate change better, but haven’t got time to read scholarly reports and journals? This interactive workshop conveys the concise but definitive information you need to clarify the science and separate fact from fiction. Delivered in plain, non-biased language, this session examines the causes and impacts of climate change, demystifies confusing terms, and explores the realistic actions that individuals can take to reduce their personal footprints. You’ll leave with foundational knowledge that will equip you to think critically about your own role in addressing this global challenge. The session will conclude with a Q&A.
Audience: Adults

Upcoming Session

September 21, 3 PM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

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Meet Our Instructors

Marcello Glo
Born in Nicaragua and raised between the US and France, Marcello’s background has led him to projects around the world. He’s developed a deep interest in cultures and their uniqueness. His passion to understand the intricacies of human-environmental relations took him to Québec to complete his studies in Environmental Science and Geography. Since then, he’s been involved in sustainability initiatives and agroecology projects, in East Africa and Central America. Most recently he’s been working in tourism on aspects of ethical travel and sustainability, as well as in the non-profit sector developing environmental education programs for newcomer youth in the Greater Toronto Area.
The Carbonauts is a mission-driven organization dedicated to delivering engaging live, virtual workshops that guide people through making meaningful impact and aligning their actions with their values. We build an enthusiastic culture of sustainability and climate literacy leading to action at home and work. Our employee engagement programs increase retention, reduce costs and lower risks. They are powerful tools in helping achieve ESG and HR goals.Our instructors have years of eco experience and presentation talent. Armed with heavily researched info, natural bedside manner, and inspiring material, they deliver the best interactive workshops on the planet, for the planet.