Pre-Resiliency Training (PRT) Introduction - Building Better Decision Makers

Adults · Learning
In today's wildly uncertain & rapidly changing world, high performance boils down to your ability to make good decisions. With the right training, the process of applying judgement is teachable and indefinitely upgradable.
This 30 min class is led by Next Jump Master Coaches. It will give you the opportunity to learn what this program is all about with real experiences on how this training has impacted people's lives and leveled up their leadership.
  • Improve Decision Making Skills
  • Learn to Dial Down “Red Arrow Behaviors” (a.k.a RABS)
  • Create awareness and practices to get more truth
  • Start being more authentic, especially sharing critical feedback & speaking-up about difficult topics
  • Build skills to help you navigate conflict, build more authentic relationships and be a stronger decision-maker

Upcoming Session

October 6, 9 AM EDT
For Adults · 30 mins

149 of 200 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructors

Nicole Depaola
Nicole is the Head of Next Jump's US Brand Partnerships Team and has been with the company for 15 years. Her focus is the US Head of Merchant Business Development, Partnerships & Marketing.
Mike Collette
After graduating with his degree in Exercise Science, Mike worked as a personal trainer, empowering clients and building lifelong relationships. He found CrossFit in 2010 which led him to open Prototype Training Systems (home of CrossFit Prototype) in 2012. His passion for fitness and helping others is equal to his passion for being an entrepreneur. Since 2012, Mike has been involved in multiple business ventures ranging from various industries. His values–driven mentality, growth mindset, and obsession with leadership have kept him feeling energized every day to fulfill the vision of Prototype: To build the greatest relationship business ever. Outside of Prototype, Mike likes to golf with his wife Erin and cuddle with their Siberian Husky puppy, Koda.

Favorite Quote: “Hard work always beats talent when talent refuses to work hard"