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Introducing a new series from Next Level Nutrition to uplift and transform your habits. Are you ready to prioritize your wellbeing and unlock your full potential? Join us on a journey of self-discovery and growth. From cultivating a positive mindset and mastering self-care to understanding the power of nutrition and mindfulness, each session is crafted to provide you with practical tools and insights you can immediately apply to your daily life. By participating in this series, you'll not only gain valuable knowledge but also foster a deeper sense of resilience, clarity, and joy. Don't just exist—thrive! Sign up now and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness and fulfillment.

1. How to Cultivate a Positive Mindset: Strategies for fostering optimism and resilience in daily life.

2. Nutrition for Stress Management: Exploring the connection between diet and stress levels, and strategies for using nutrition to manage stress.

3. Strategies for Prioritizing Self-Care: Practical tips for making self-care a non-negotiable part of your routine.

4. Mindful Eating Habits for Better Health: Exploring the importance of mindful eating and strategies for developing healthier relationships with food.

5. Navigating Nutritional Information: Understanding macronutrients, and making informed dietary choices for wellness.

6. Building a Strong Exercise Routine: Guidance on creating an exercise plan that suits your lifestyle and goals.

7. How to Improve Sleep Quality: Tips for optimizing sleep hygiene and promoting restorative sleep patterns.

8. Cultivating Gratitude for Overall Wellbeing: Practices for incorporating gratitude into daily life and its impact on mental and emotional health.

9. The Power of Positive Habits: Strategies for forming and maintaining healthy habits that contribute to overall wellness.

10. Embracing Mindfulness in Daily Life: Exploring mindfulness practices and their benefits for mental clarity and emotional balance.

11. Nutrition for Optimal Performance: Understanding the role of nutrition in fueling the body for physical and mental performance.

12. Creating a Supportive Environment for Health and Happiness: Tips for surrounding yourself with people and spaces that promote your overall wellness journey.

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May 30, 8 AM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Angela Clucas
Angela Clucas is an established UK registered Nutritionist and founder of Next Level Nutrition. Renowned for her expertise in mindset and behavioral change around dieting. She challenges the status quo of conventional dieting and quick fix solutions! Angela delves into the intricate relationship between mindset, food and habits for long lasting sustainable weight loss Her distinctive SHREDitall Method goes beyond diet plans with a comprehensive real mind and body overhaul to guarantee long lasting sustainable weight loss For inquiries or further information about Angela's work, contact her at or connect via social media @nextlevelnutritioniom