Next Level Nutrition Series - Exactly how much protein to eat and where to find it (5 of 12)

Adults · Wellness
Are you ready to shift a few pounds without crazy dietary restrictions that leave you feeling tired, hungry and bored? Come join me for a 12 week exploration into sustainable weight loss techniques, how to change how you think about food and how to build rock solid habits that sets you up for weight loss success that really works. This course is for you if you're sick of fad diets and you want a programme that works, without having to give up your favourite foods! Sounds too good to be true? Come and find out. 

Week 1: Effective goal setting

Week 2: Why understanding your 'why' is key to achieving your goals

Week 3: How to set yourself up for success 

Week 4: How to build rock solid habits

Week 5: Exactly how much protein to eat and where to find it

Week 6: Why today's diet is setting us up to fail (and what to do about it!)

Week 7: How to keep and analyse your own food diary

Week 8: How to track and monitor progress 

Week 9: How to make changes for weight loss that lasts

Week 10: How to overcome your all or nothing mindset

Week 11: How to overcome weight loss setbacks and get back on track

Week 12: How to future proof your weight loss strategy

Audience: Adults

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February 15, 12 PM EST
For Adults · 45 mins

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Meet Our Instructor

Angela Clucas
Angela Clucas is an established UK registered Nutritionist and founder of Next Level Nutrition. Renowned for her expertise in mindset and behavioral change around dieting. She challenges the status quo of conventional dieting and quick fix solutions! Angela delves into the intricate relationship between mindset, food and habits for long lasting sustainable weight loss Her distinctive SHREDitall Method goes beyond diet plans with a comprehensive real mind and body overhaul to guarantee long lasting sustainable weight loss For inquiries or further information about Angela's work, contact her at or connect via social media @nextlevelnutritioniom