Next Level Nutrition Series 8 of 10 - Creating Habits that Last

Adults · Wellness
Are you ready to shift a few pounds without crazy dietary restrictions that leave you feeling tired, hungry and bored? Come join me for a 12 week exploration into sustainable weight loss techniques, how to change how you think about food and how to build rock solid habits that sets you up for weight loss success that really works. This course is for you if you're sick of fad diets and you want a programme that works, without having to give up your favourite foods! Sounds too good to be true? Come and find out.

Week 1: Effective goal setting (August 3rd)

Week 2: Why understanding your 'why' is key to achieving your goals (August 10th)

Week 3: How to set yourself up for success (August 17th)

Week 4: How to build rock solid habits (August 24th)

Week 5: All about protein - what, why and how much (August 31st)

Week 6: Fats, Carbs and the brain - why modern life is setting us up to fail (and what to do about it!) (September 7th)

Week 7: How to keep and analyse your own food diary (September 14th)

Week 8: How to track and monitor progress (September 21st)

Week 9: Making changes (September 28th)

Week 10: Breaking the all or nothing mindset (October 5th)

Week 11: Overcoming setbacks and getting back on track (October 12th)

Week 12: Tips and techniques for the future (October 19th)

Audience: Adults

Upcoming Session

December 1, 8 AM EST
For Adults · 45 mins

63 of 150 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Angela Clucas
Founder and Head Nutritionist of Next Level Nutrition and UK registered Nutritionist who specializes in mindset and habits for lasting change. We all know diets don't work so what does?! Changing the way you think about food, your goals, and what you think you need to achieve success. We don't do 'transformations' or quick-fix diets. We look at what you do now and reprogramme your brain into acting in your best interest instead of letting yourself down and wondering why you just can't 'stick to the plan'. It's not quick or flashy, but it really lasts a lifetime.