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Learn gaming from a Pro! This course will be taught by Troy “SecretAvix” Hanson former pro Fortnite player, and will focus on improving your skills and knowledge of four different games: Fortnite, Minecraft, Among Us and Overwatch.

Fortnite: This course will go over both the basics/fundamentals and advanced strategy of Fortnite. Some of the various topics that we will discuss include aiming, building, communication skills and editing drills along with the ability to make accurate decisions on what moves to make in specific situations. The course will consist of students working together in teams throughout different game modes to learn all of these skills in a friendly environment with kids their own age. These tips and tricks will be able to enhance any Fortnite player's ability to win more games and achieve the ultimate goal of a "Victory Royale"!

Due to game server limitations the max class size for this Fortnite class is 100 participants.

Minecraft: This course will be based around a multitude of different skills while still being a fun environment for mini-games and group activities in game. Students will be in solo and team-based game modes chosen by participants. Some of the different game modes that will be available are Skywars, Speed Builders, Survival Games, Block Hunt, Cake Wars, and multiple other arcade-based games.

Due to game server limitations the max class size for the Minecraft class is 10 participants.

Among Us: This course will cover game strategy and detective skill-based work. The game ‘Among Us’ creates an environment for the player to develop and reveal their own problem solving skills in real time with other players based on different maps. This game is entirely solo based and will require all of the students participating to come up with strategic plans to catch the imposter either by themselves or with other students.

Due to game server limitations the max class size for this Among Us class is 10 participants.

Overwatch: This course will focus entirely on team-based activities in Overwatch game modes. The game modes that Overwatch includes are Escort, Hybrid, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, and Elimination. These games will require students to pick one of their favorite characters to join into teams of other students to win the objective of the game mode. In each game mode players will learn how to defend and attack in multiple different ways to progress toward a win.

Due to game server limitations the max class size for this Overwatch class is 12 participants. Also please note that participants’ usernames will need to be added for this game.
Audience: Kids 9-16

Upcoming Session

December 1, 4 PM EST
For Kids · 30 mins

8 of 20 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Troy Hanson
Troy 'SecretAvix' Hanson recently completed his bachelor of arts degree in teaching. He will soon become an elementary teacher and is going through the process of receiving his masters in teaching. He has been training players in Fortnite since March 18, 2018. Previously Troy was a pro player in Fortnite playing in cash cups and tournaments. Troy was able to consistently place within the top 100 of several tournaments and made a name for himself in the pro community. He has been interviewed by countless companies such as CNN, Mashable, and MIT technology review. Troy has over 10 years of gaming experience now and far over 2000 wins throughout his entire career. Troy now also competes in several different weight lifting competitions as well as different ‘spartan’ races.