20 Min Seated TaijiFit

Adults · Wellness
20 minutes of flowing Tai Chi and Qigong similar to Christine’s original TaijiFit class guided from a seated position. We will focus on the internal aspects of the movements, breath, and qi or energy cultivation. There are no routines to learn or forms to remember, just follow the gentle, easy stretches and mind/body exercises that will leave you feeling energized, calm, and centered. Equipment: A stable dining chair, desk chair, or bench (without arms or wheels) that allows your feet to fully connect to the floor. Loose comfortable clothing, shoes optional. Water for hydration.
Audience: Adults
New York | Boston | London
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December 2, 3 PM EST
For Adults · 20 mins

23 of 150 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Founder of Tai Chi Wellbeing, 4th-degree black belt in Yang Style Taijiquan and Certified Instructor of Tai Chi for Health, TaijiFit, Tai Chi for Veterans, and Qigong. Christine has had the privilege to study with Masters Zhichao Ling, Chen Bing, Yang Jwing-Ming, Wing Cheung, Jesse Tsao, Dr. Paul Lam, and David-Dorian Ross.