20 min Tai Chi for Joint Mobility

Adults · Wellness
Whether you're just waking up or pausing in your day, Get Up and Flow with Tai Chi for Joint Mobility. We use Tai Chi and Qigong movements to reduce tension, work the joints, and improve mobility. Over time, you'll feel better and stress less.

What makes Tai Chi different? Called a moving meditation, Tai Chi will work your body while relaxing your mind.

This is a low-impact and stress relief exercise you can do anywhere, any time.
Audience: Adults

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March 23, 7 AM EDT
For Adults · 20 mins

40 of 150 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Maureen Ivusic
Always fascinated by the martial arts, Maureen dabbled in a few self-defense classes and martial arts styles before discovering Tai Chi in her late 20s. Nearly 25 years later, the fascination continues as she discovers the many ways of approaching Tai Chi as a teacher.
br>Maureen earned her White Sash in a unique Japanese Tai Chi form (Rankin Martial Arts, Maryland). This form is gentle and easy to learn, as well as effective in developing inner tranquility and balance. She went on to earn her Black Belt in the Long Chen style, a more dynamic form (Martial Arts USA, Maryland).

Most recently, she became a Certified Instructor for TaijiFit International, which uses a method that makes learning and practicing Tai Chi amazingly easy. She was pleased to earn the designation “Tai Chi Instructor of the Year – 2017” from Rankin Martial Arts, but really the true joy comes from helping others explore and connect with this amazing moving art form.