Food Waste and Composting

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Food waste is a big part of a household’s expenses and environmental impact, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re more focused on reducing your carbon footprint or making the most of your budget, this session will teach you all the strategies you need to be an eco-warrior at home. Learn how you can reduce your food waste and save money in this live interactive masterclass that will show you many tips and tricks for reducing the amount of food wasted in your home and how to compost the rest.

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November 16, 3 PM EST
For Adults · 45 mins

88 of 150 spots reserved

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The Carbonauts is a mission-driven organization dedicated to delivering engaging live, virtual workshops that guide people through making meaningful impact and aligning their actions with their values. We build an enthusiastic culture of sustainability and climate literacy leading to action at home and work. Our employee engagement programs increase retention, reduce costs and lower risks. They are powerful tools in helping achieve ESG and HR goals. Our instructors have years of eco experience and presentation talent. Armed with heavily researched info, natural bedside manner, and inspiring material, they deliver the best interactive workshops on the planet, for the planet.