Positive Pain Management For A Happier You!

Adults · Wellness
In this session, Chris will use his massage experience to teach self-massage techniques to specifically target mental health, anxiety, and pain management issues stemming from the pandemic & lockdown. Chris will teach you some easy moves that will help you take care of yourself: they will help those feeling frazzled & struggling with Zoom fatigue to regain energy, increase productivity & even manage their pain. Join this session for an instant mental & physical “feel good” boost!
Audience: Adults

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May 6, 1 PM EDT
For Adults · 45 mins

990 of 1000 spots reserved

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Meet Our Instructor

Chris Briggs
Better known as “MassageChris”, has been working as a masseur for over 35 years. His massage skills have taken him all over Europe and into America, supporting Formula 1 and even going on tour and chilling out the Spice Girls! When the pandemic hit, Chris recognised that he needed to change what he delivered dramatically, adapting his skills and abilities to still teach and help my clients from a distance. He started producing videos demonstrating self-massage techniques, focusing on mental health, anxiety, and pain management, often triggered by the pandemic and lockdown. His workshops have grown and evolved into online events helping companies with dis-enfranchised and frazzled employees, encouraging team building, productivity and personal development.