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Henry Wu
Henry Wu
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Learn social and nutritional tips to keep your immune system healthy during social distancing. We will talk about foods that are beneficial to your immune system as well as the importance of staying connected to fight unnecessary stress.

Class 1: The New Normal

Class 2: Chemistry of Immune-Boosting Foods

Class 3: High Risk Explained

Class 4: How Your Belly Controls Your Brain

Class 5: A Day In The Life

Class 6: Rituals: Reducing High-Risk

Class 7: Rituals: Energy Management

Class 8: Primal Explained

Class 9: In Practice

Class 10: Best of

Class 11: sleep, nutrition, fitness, socialization to boost immunity

Supplies: This will be an interactive session. Good microphone.

Audience : Adults

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Track: adult When: Duration: 45 minutes

470 of 600 spots reserved

Course Instructor

Peter Chiarchiaro

Peter Chiarchiaro is the Director of Wellness at Next Jump. Next Jump is fortunate enough to be named a Top 10 company for employee wellness by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the top wellness company in New York for a company under 500 employees, and an American Heart Association Platinum and “Innovator” recipient continuously over the past 8 years. Peter is encouraged to see how many people and companies are starting to see wellness as a bedrock to individual and business success.

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