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Henry Wu
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Karate empowers children to be focused and aware of themselves in their environments, be kind and respectful of others and, ultimately be responsible and empowered leaders in the world.

Students are trained in traditional Japanese karate kata. Through the rigors of this training system they develop strength, agility, and a physical intelligence that is relevant everywhere in their lives. All of this is carried out in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and cooperation. This class is best for ages six and above.

What You'll Need: Some space to move around

Audience : Ages 5+

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Sensei Zelda Gay

Program Director and 2nd degree black belt at Karate-do Kenwakan, Zelda began her training in the martial arts at World Oyama Karate Headquarters in 1997. She obtained her black belt in 2006. She took a hiatus during high school and returned to training and teaching during her summers home from Emerson College where she studied drama and fight choreography. She fought her first knockdown competition in April 2016 and has fought Semi Knockdown many times. She teaches both kids and adults.

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