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Are our behaviors unique? Can we gain insight into what is driving us to do or not to do certain things? What is the difference between "normal" and not so normal behaviors? Am I okay? Should I be worried about my kids or co-workers behaviors? Can we change the way we behave? Can we predict how others may act? Can we anticipate how certain events will impact our behavior? This class will provide answers to these questions and establish how knowledge related to behaviors benefits learners personally and professionally.

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Daniela Morse

Daniela is the Founder and Executive Director of Shared Living Collaborative (SLC) based in Merrimac, Massachusetts. Having worked for two decades with a variety of kids and adults in crisis, Daniela serves the ones otherwise bound for institutions: those with extreme behaviors, multiple diagnoses and psych-med regimens reaching back to grade school. To read more about Daniela and the work she is doing Read more

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