Preparing for Your First COA



Download the Feedback Labs App

We ask that every participant(or parent) leave feedback for each session they attend. Your feedback will help us strengthen future programming. If you are attending COA for the first time, please download and log into the Feedback Labs App.

Simply download the Feedback Labs app [blue icon] on App Store or Google Play and login with your Perks at Work Account.

For detailed instructions about Feedback Labs App, click here


Check the Interactive Schedule

If you’re not logged in on this page yet, click “Sign In” on the top right side of the page and use the same email/password you used to log into the Feedback Labs app. After logging in, you will be able to access the interactive schedule with all the courses running for that week. There are 2 tracks running every Thursday – a Kids track and an Adults track. Attendees can attend as many sessions as they like – full day participation not required.

The Interactive Schedule will include direct links for you to access your course as well as list any supplies/materials you will need to attend. As a general guideline, please have pencil/paper for all LEARNING courses and active-wear for all FITNESS courses.


Join a Live Session

All courses happen live over Zoom. To access the sessions, please download Zoom and set it up ahead of time.

Zoom links for each course will be posted on that course’s page every Thursday morning and be active 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. Please follow the below video protocols once in the session.

Note: You will need to log into your Perks at Work account in order access the Zoom links.

Video Session


To ensure the best teaching and learning environment, we ask that everyone adhere tot this protocol

Join 5 minutes prior to the session start. No late joiners will be allowed.

Video Camera must be turned ON. You can see the instructor’s face, they would like to see yours as well. Community is important for us.

Mute your audio at all times as a courtesy to others.

Questions may be asked at the end of each course by using the “raise hand” feature within Zoom (unless otherwise noted).

Leave Feedback for the instructor immediately after each class.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I log into the Feedback Lab App if I don’t have a Perks at Work account?

All invited attendees have been set up with a Perks at Work account to log into the Feedback Labs app. You can simply use your email address to login.

I have not been able to receive a confirmation code number. I have tried resending it and have checked my spam. Please advise.

You can log in using an invitation code as alternative. Close out of the app, reopen, and login again selecting the Invitation Code option when prompted. For an invitation code, please email us at:

I have an existing account in the Feedback App with my organization.

Double check to make sure you are using Feedback Labs (blue icon) and not the Feedback App (orange icon). If you have an existing account within the Feedback App, you will need to download Feedback Labs to register (links above) If you have an existing account within Feedback Labs, you will need to logout and log back in with your email address. When prompted for your organization, please select “WORLD”.