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Reduce organizational silence through anonymous, real time developmental feedback
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People Analytics
Use the data to provide leading indictors and insights for high performing teams and individuals.
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leadership Survey
Facilitates crowd sourced nominations for the most influential leaders at each level.
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Understand your emotions and get coaching from your mentors. Helps keep track of your coaching trends.
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Develop Talent: Featured Technology
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Feedback App is a training tool to practice giving feedback with intent of improving the team’s performance.It facilitates real time information sharing, provides anonymity to all and normalizes discussing problems within the team.
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10x App is a training ritual designed to help teams improve their feedback giving skills.As feedback giving improves on the team, you will see higher expectations of one another, performance improves, and training becomes a "ritual."
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People Analytics assists teams in "Turning Community Voice On" and building high expectations of one another through measuring percentage of team members giving feedback and average feedback scores (expectation score) across command.
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Peer to peer recognition to find out who helped you succeed the most. A way to say thank you.
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Reduces the time to execute performance evaluations as well as easy way to get peer evaluations
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Health & Wellness
From time off to Fitness checkins, help increase employee engagement by focusing on their wellbeing.
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Transparent hiring tool to make quick decisions with collective intuition of all people involved.
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