After-School Program FREE for Perks at Work Members
This Fall, 2020 · Age 5 - 16·Mon - Fri
Set your Kids up for SUCCESS This fall
COA Kids Club is a flexible after school program designed to supplement what kids will miss most in school this fall.
It combines virtual enrichment programs with a purposeful approach to building meaningful friendships, so our children can overcome the challenges of COVID together as a team.
Focus on Social
The best part of school is socializing & have fun with friends, which is missing this fall
Designed for to help children make meaningful & unique friendship virtually
Academics from
your school
It is NOT designed to replace the school or prepare your kids for standardized tests
Our program does not need you to supervise your children all the time.

Meet the Leadership

Coach Macky Bergman brings over 15-years of youth coaching experience to Steady Buckets. Coach Macky has trained boys and girls of all ages, top high school prospects, and NCAA student-athletes, as well as Euro-League and NBA professionals.

In 2010 he started Steady Buckets in order to bring quality skill development training to NYC youth basketball players. Under his leadership, Steady Buckets has thrived and now serves over 2,000 youth, providing free skill development workouts, instructional leagues, leadership training, SHSAT test prep and girls only workouts. In 2018 he was honored by NY1 as New Yorker of the Week and by the Brooklyn Nets as Jr. Nets Coach of the Year.

Play Preview
Macky Bergman
Founder & Head Coach of Steady Buckets
Getting Started
With COA Kids Club
Recommended Age
minimum time commitment
access to live + On-demand sessions based on kid’s interest
Socialize with same-aged kids with similar passions
Leadership Training
leadership opportunities in Teaching
Access to live coaching & internship opportunities
COA Kids Club
5 - 16 yrs
2 hrs / week
COA Kids Club
Young Leader
9 - 16 yrs
5 hrs / week
COA Kids Club
9 - 16 yrs
10 hrs / week
We Are A
Young Leaders Run
Getting better at leadership & communication
Learn how to take risk & gain confidence
Opportunities to teach others on their passion
Meet Our Instructors
Hip Hop Dance
English Writing
Crayola Arts
Arts & Crafts
Frequently Asked Questions
When Will Kids Club Start?
We are still building out our schedule and expect to start in classes mid-September.
Can I join later?
Yes. You can join the program at any time. We know that these times call for unprecedented flexibility, so we want to make this program as modular as possible to fit your changing needs this fall.
How many days will Kids Club run?
Every child has a different situation with school this fall. Some will be meeting in-person, some will be at home, some may have a hybrid of both. That is why Kids Club will be running 5 days a week from Monday through Friday with flexibility for you to join only on the days that work for you.
What if I miss a class?
We understand that life happens. All formal classes will be recorded so you can always watch the session afterwards on your own schedule ahead of the next class.
Is this intended to replace school?
No. COA Kids Club is intended as a supplemental program to whatever school programs your child is currently enrolled in. We will be focusing on adding additional enrichment through extra-curriculars, physical activity, socialization and leadership.
What does this cost?
COA Kids Club is free for all Perks at Work members.
Can I sign up with my own team?
Yes. Anyone can sign up for Perks at Work and join as a team within COA Kids Club. We are looking for groups of 6-8.
Can I invite my child's friends?
Yes. Anyone can sign up for Perks at Work and join as a team within COA Kids Club. We are looking for groups of 6-8.
Can I change my team?
Yes. If at any time your kid(s) want to change their group for any reason we can re-match them into a new team. You can change teams as many times as requested.
Can I change my passions?
Yes. You can edit the selection of your kid(s) passions at any time. While we would encourage your kid(s) to finish out the 4 week cycle, we understand the need for flexibility.

Please note, changing your passions might result in a team reassignment to better match your kid(s) with a team of similar interests and passions.
What does the Young Leaders Program entail?
Kids that want to sign up for the Young Leaders program will gain access to additional "Young Leaders Only" classes focused on leadership training and communication. Young Leaders will also have the opportunity to teach and mentor other, younger, Kids Club participants in their own passion areas.
Why did you partner with Steady Buckets?
Next Jump, the company behind Perks at Work, has had a relationship with the non-profit Steady Buckers’ Founder and Head Coach Macky Bergman for many years coaching kids of our employees. Having coached 10,000+ kids over his 15 years of youth coaching experience—Macky has developed tremendous expertise in how children operate and interact with each other and their parents.

Coach Macky has also pioneered leadership within his own organization—creating a Young Leaders Program and Council which allows kids to take on more than just skill building & sport—but also help them gain experience with communication and life skills that will help set them up for success beyond the basketball court.